COVID-19: Kaspersky Offers Six-month Free Cyber Protection For Healthcare Institutions



Cyber security service provider, Kaspersky, has announced that it is making its core endpoint B2B solutions available free for six months to medical organisations. This includes endpoint and cloud infrastructure protection products, such as Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business Advanced and Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security, SaaS endpoint protection – Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud Plus – and protection for Microsoft Office 365 – Kaspersky Security for Microsoft Office 365.

In a statement on Friday, the firm said this is to help health institutions stay protected from cyberthreats during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Giving further rationale for this action, the firm stated that continuity of operations and data protection is extremely critical for healthcare organisations, especially in the current situation that have put them under extreme pressure, including the need to ensure the stability of medical equipment, constant availability of data for medical personnel, while also protecting the privacy of their patients’ critical information.

Commenting on the gesture, Kaspersky’s Vice President, Global Sales Network, Evgeniya Naumova, said, “In this critical situation, healthcare institutions are under immense pressure and carry huge responsibility while saving people’s lives and fighting against the infection. Doctors, nurses and all medical staff take on most of the load and therefore need any support possible. We feel that it is our duty to support the medical community.”

Naumova stated that the offering is to help these organisations focus on what matters most.

In addition to this, Kaspersky has suggested a number of cybersecurity practices that all health institutions must implement to stay secure. These include scheduling basic security awareness education for both medical personnel and administration employees to cover the most essential practices such as passwords and accounts, email security, use of USB devices, PC security and safe web browsing. Explain to the hospital’s staff that there is an increasing risk of cyberthreats for healthcare IT systems.

“It is the right time to check the hospital’s protection solution, make sure it is up to date, configured properly and covers all employees’ devices. Switch on a firewall to enable protection from threats coming from the internet. The security solution should enable protection from ransomware as it is one of the common threats ( for medical organisations,” the firm stated.




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