Ugandans sip from a pot of locally brewed alcohol beverage

Says Ugandans risk cancers, organ damages over indiscriminate meat, local alcohol consumption

By William Moi, Uganda

Consumers of local brews and grilled delicacies that are commonly found on the menus of most Ugandan homes and eateries are faced with the risk of developing cancers and other forms of life threatening ailments, retired Professor of Biology, Okot Nyormoi has warned.

Prof, Nyormoi, formerly of the Department of Biology at North Carolina University, United States who has had several researches on cancer, particularly warned the people against large consumption of locally produced alcohol types and brands known as waragi and Lira Lira in the local Ugandan parlance, saying they are leading causes of liver cirrhosis.

In a lecture he delivered at All Saints University, Lira -Uganda recently, Prof. Nyormoi also pointed out that grilled meats carry some precursors of cancer and hypertension hence should be consumed minimally.

While speaking on the link between alcohol consumption and these ailments, he said, “’The worst culprit is the sachet alcohol known in local Luo dialect as waragi. The local potent gin also called Lira Lira has high content of lead, iron and copper. This is not good for the health yet people consume them a lot,” Prof. Nyormoi said.

“We are what we eat,” he said, adding, “If you eat too much grilled meat and too often you may develop colon cancer.”

While making reference to the popular belief that oil from whales or sharks could cause cancer the retired Professor of Biology said, “this is still not clearly researched.”

He, however, said red meat from cattle can cause cancer of the colon.

Drawing this link, Prof Nyormoi said, “When you burn substance it converts to carcinogens. When you eat much over the years you may suffer colon cancer.”

Previous studies have shown that high consumption of meat could raise the risk of colon cancer. Some of the studies have suggested that fresh meat may be more, whereas others say processed, cured, or salted meat pose more threat. Most studies, however, say red meat , not chicken is culpable.




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