Ogbonnaya Onu, Nigeria's Minister of Science and Technology


The government of Nigeria is looking forward to getting help from the private sector for the deployment of more capital, innovation and ideas into the development of Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) in Nigeria.

This is as the country is seeking avenues for the commercialization of the loads of researches and the products being churned out by local scientists.

Nigeria’s Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Dr Ogbonnaya Onu, who made the call on in an interview in Abuja, said most of the researches and their products have been patented to give good commercial values to them.

He said, “We are calling on the private sector to take the research that we have done which we have protected the intellectual properties using patents.”

According to the minister, the Federal Government of Nigeria would do everything to encourage entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and the business community to invest in products of indigenous researches.

According to Onu, with the help of venture capitalists, some of the research findings of our agencies can be commercialised and they will yield dividends for the country.

“Within what is available, our agencies are working very hard, we have many of our products in the market. We continue to call on the private sector, Nigeria does not have enough venture capitalists because they are the people that come, take research findings convert them to products and services,”Onu was quoted as saying by the News Agency of Nigeria.

“We want Nigerian investors to be the people that will commercialise our research findings because when they do, the jobs created will come to Nigeria, the wealth created will be in Nigeria,’’ he said.


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